Zach Waggoner

Web Designer | Developer


Pittsburg State University

Bachelor of Science in Technology

Major G.P.A. 3.8



Lead UX / UI Designer | Full Stack Developer

May 2013 - Present

Main mission at Zuora is to empower employees by scaling and unifing Zuora’s digital platforms.

Create wireframes and HIFI mocks to present to a team of 30 marketers to strategize the user interaction experience and flow of our users.

Manage a web team to help scale Zuora's local, regional, national, and international marketing by designing and developing tools.

Implement and contribute to the rebrand of Zuora from logo to website development.

Plan, develop, and maintain Zuora's web platforms including Marketo, Lithium , Lever, Salesforce, & Wordpress to function efficiently through API's and look asthetically pleasing from > 1200px (large desktop) to < 768px (mobile).

Lead and managed a server migration from AWS to Pantheon to transfer internal responsibilty to a specialized 3rd party provider.

Measure user interaction results from before and after the migration via Google Analytics and New Relic; resulted in a 250% drop in bounce rate, a 50% increase in page views and a load time decrease of 400%.

Designed print collateral for Subscribed, an event to educate the community on how subscriptions fit into the world.

Developed and designed an Ember mobile application that showcased how users interact with Zuora's product.

Collaborate with demand generation and the SEO manager to implement a system to provide access to clean data by utilizing Google Tag Manager, UTM codes, and custom events.

Developed a system on Wordpress to allow admins to quickly and efficiently create content on

Developed a UI framework to ensure every aspect of Zuora's UI stays in brand and 'feels' like Zuora.

American Ramp Company

Creative Director

May 2011 - May 2013

Created and maintained websites using custom written Wordpress templates; controlling all aspects from Responsive HTML, CSS, and Javascript to PHP to complete the desired look, feel and functionality of ARCs 30 international brands.

Controlled social media and promotions via email marketing creating customized marketing emails that were sent and monitored to track effectiveness.

Executed on-site photoshoots of grand openings of skateparks to use as marketing material through catalogs, brochures, and websites.

Managed hourly deadlines and carried out multiple projects on a daily basis to meet the demands of all five companies within the entity.


Ebook Developer

December 2012 - March 2013

Converted magazines and books into epub validated ebooks using semantic HTML and CSS3.

Worked on independent projects remotely from home, while communicating via e-mail, and video conferences.

House of Hope

Lead Graphic Designer

June 2011 - April 2013

Created all visual work for the I AM JOPLIN event to get the kids in the community back together after the devastating EF5 tornado that came through Joplin Missouri May of 2011.

Designed and collaborated on mailers, billboards, flyers, and branding for campaigns to help bring donations to the company throughout the year.

Expertise | Addy Awards

Throw anything at me, I'll learn it.

Mobile/Responsive Design, PHP, Wordpress (Twig/Timber), JavaScript/jQuery,CSS3, HTML5, Branding, Photography, Adobe CS, MVC Frameworks (Angular,Ember).

  • 2011 Judges & Gold Award | I am joplin event
  • 2012 Judges & Gold Award | w & w campaign
  • 2012 silver | pbr responsive web site