Hi! How are you?

My goals continue to grow, and my hobbies keep right up with it.


Some where in between design and development my mind races trying to tie the two together in a world of harmony. I feel excited to be part of something that changes so often that I get to learn every day. Psychology, and studying human behavior is what makes my mind race, thinking about how people participate on a large scale, and applying it to design are the problems I love to solve. Although what I do will always change I know that as long as I'm working around creative people that love what they do I will always be satisfied.

My hobbies & interests

I chose this field of expertise because of all the hobbies I have. It all really started when I was 12 when I started marketing and branding a neighborhood skatepark, then when I was 16 when I opened my own outdoor music venue in my backyard. Which lead to multiple bands I played drums for and designed graphics and websites to help push us on our way. I made it through college where I landed a job marketing for a skatepark munufacturer. I have always loved how beautiful the world can be if time is put into it. Outside of the computer I really like riding my bike around town taking in all I can and enjoying the small things in life.